Chris Drüke (GER)

Chris Drüke (GER)

First race ever: 10k Kreismeisterschaften - Juni 1997 - Vinsebeck - 48 min. (The rest is unknown)

Started running because: Back then I wanted to be faster than every male in my home village

Best race ever: 5000 m irgendwann 2006 beim Abendsportfest in Menden.

Favorite race event: Die Nacht von Isselhorst

The good (about running): Only running can make you feel like you took a holiday in just 30 minutes

The bad (about running): Exaggerated ambitions

The ugly (about running): Ibuprofen

Favorite Willpower item: Willpower Toploader backpack and Hoodie

Top5 Running Songs:

  • The streets - The Escapist
  • Tash Sultana - Jungle
  • Tash Sultana - Nation
  • Toto - Hold the line
  • Air - All I need
  • Bastian Wendt - Unvergesslich Böhmisch

Pre-Race meal: Half a roll with honey

Post-Race meal: I am not able to eat anything

Mantra / Quote: “Ich möchte nicht besser sein als andere, ich habe Bock auf gute Menschen.” (Chris Drüke)