Lisa Mehl (GER)

Lisa Mehl (GER)

Running since: Ever since I can remember. Longer distances since 2014.

First race ever (date, place, time): 50m Sprint / März 1993 / Schüler-Hallensportfest Neckartenzlingen.

Your best race ever: Ultra: Zugspitz-Ultratrail 2017 / Asphaltracing: Hamburg Marathon 2017 

Your favorite Willpower item: Run Proud T-Shirt

Favorite Pre-Race meal: Porridge, warm and squashy, or Potatoes.

Favorite Post-Race meal: Bowl or Potatoes.

Wanna share a recipe? Best Banana Bread ever:

4 ripe Bananas (500g)
100 ml vegetable oil
100 ml oatmilk
200 g (spelt) wholemeal flour
80 - 150 g sugar (depends on you)
2 ts baking soda
0,5 ts salt
+ walnuts or do whatever you want: roast them, crush them…
+ 1 banana sliced on top of the batter
Mix all ingredients.
Pour the mixture into the tin and then bake at 180 degrees for 50 minutes. Always do the Stäbchenprobe!

Running Mantra: "Today. Here. Focus." - Self