Paul Medina (US)

Running since: 2000 or 2001
First race ever: A 5k in Jacksonville, Florida run completely inside a cemetery. It was probably 2010 or 2011. As you can see I’m terrible with dates.
Why did you start running: The Army made me do it. No, seriously. That’s how I started.
Your best race ever: Tallahassee half marathon 2015. 7th place overall with a 1:23h
Favorite race event: Boston Marathon
The good (about running): The sense of accomplishment
The bad (about running): Marathon training during the summer in Florida
The ugly (about running): Chris Willpower
Your favorite Willpower item: Black and white foam trucker hat
Top5 Running Songs: Don’t run with music
Top5 Ever Songs: This changes constantly as I age and experience new shit in life. Stop making these questions so hard!
Favorite Pre-Race meal: Vegan pasta Alfredo with broccoli and mock chicken. Also sweet potatoes.
Favorite Post-Race meal: A fat fucking vegan burger.
Running Mantra or favorite quote: “Why the fuck do I keep doing this to myself?”