Willpower „Torch“ Scarf
Willpower „Torch“ Scarf
Willpower „Torch“ Scarf
Willpower „Torch“ Scarf
Willpower „Torch“ Scarf
Willpower „Torch“ Scarf
Willpower „Torch“ Scarf

Willpower „Torch“ Scarf

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There it is at last, a tube scarf. This black multifunctional cloth is easy to fold into all sorts of crazy turnouts such as hat, scarf, headband, wristband, blindfold, etc. An everyday item you love and need, almost as essential as your running shoes. Especially these days. It'll will be with you any time, any place. That's a promise. 


High quality, seamfree multifunctional tubular scarf, made of 100% durable, polyester microfiber at 135 gsm. 47x25 cm to easily cover your nose and mouth. Offers excellent breathability, thermal and humidity control. Up to 12 different ways of usage. Machine washable. It will also survive any other kind of cleaning treatment.


Wrap yourself up with style.

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