"Lift My Mind" Zipper
"Lift My Mind" Zipper
"Lift My Mind" Zipper
"Lift My Mind" Zipper

"Lift My Mind" Zipper

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New member to the Willpower garment family. This howling "Lift My Mind My Body My Soul" design is printed on your favorite organic black hooded zipper. Small 2-color pocket print on front. Extra large 2-color backprint. There's only one truth. You have to own this zipper.


Zip-up hooded sweater with wide cuffs at arms and waistline. Thick, double layered hood. Made from 80% combed, organic cotton and 20% recycled polyester. GOTS, Fairwear Foundation and Oeko-tex Standard 100 certified. The most high end hooded zipper on the market. 


Running refines you physically, mentally and spiritually. It brings forward the true essence of what you are made of. It reveals your deepest strength and your most profound wisdom. It teaches you to learn and grow. Something to believe in. Run and evolve.


Male model is 192cm and wears size Medium (M).


Eco FriendlyFair TradedOrganic CottonRecycled Polyester


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To respect your own body, mind and soul goes hand and in with respecting nature, other human beings and animals. Willpower is committed to a fair, eco-friendly and animal-loving lifestyle. We are constantly improving our products and operations, to make them as 'green' as possible. However it is de facto impossible to guarantee "100%" in fairness, environmental and animal friendliness. We still think it's worth striving for.

To simplify your purchase descisions we have added explanatory icons to all our onlinestore products:

Made from recycled bottles

Organic cotton

Produced under fair conditions

Produced under environmental standards

Our products are either GOTS or Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certified and most of our  partners fulfill the standards by the FairWear Foundation. In addition to this, none of our clothing or accesories contain leather, fur, wool, skin, exotic skins or any other animal-derived fabric.

Besides our products, we are also trying to keep our operations and office line as green as possible. Within the past months, we have taken the following actions and we have even more plans for the future:

  • Switching from paper-based to digital bookkeeping
  • Paper instead of plastic for our product packaging
  • In case we have to use plastic (e.g. for very large items) it is a special polyethylene, which is 100% degradable
  • Selling test-prints and samples through OUTRUN
  • Reuse of misprinted textiles for test-printings
  • Switching to green electricity
  • Vegan stickers and flyers from recycled paper

If you have any questions about our products and how they are created, please be in touch.

And this is how you can contribue to Green Willpower yourself:

  • Wash your textiles at 20 Degree
  • Line-Dry instead ot Tumbl-Dry
  • Only order items you plan to keep and drop us an email if you are not sure about sizing to reduce returns

It's only small steps but they all contribute to make this world one worth living in.

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