Amanda Stelter (US)

I started running in high school. I think I only attended school and kept up good grade to run. I was a sprinter and really had a passion for running fast. I took many years off from running. But, a few years ago I took a nice trip to a far away land to hike. When I returned, I realized I was missing something. I was missing sports and better quality of life.

So, I got passionate about a lot of sports such as, climbing, elevation hiking and backpacking.

Within in the last 2 years, I realized I needed to make a lifestyle change. Started running again (Thanks Chris Zehetleitner) and became Ketogenic. (I know, that’s a shocker for a runner) Life has been a lot more enjoyable since realizing, I am not happy without a physical and mental challenge. I still love the challenge of trying to make my best 400 meter time. I think I will always be a sprinter at heart who is trying to run a longer distance. Luckily I have Willpower to keep me motivated and pushing.

I don’t think that how many races you do is what makes running something I enjoy. I believe it’s the feeling up pushing myself when I want to stop that makes it enjoyable.