Jean-Paul Frijns (NL)

“The secret isn’t in your legs, but in your strength of mind.”
- Kilian Jornet

Sporadically dragged into the Amsterdam Rembrandt and Vondelpark, Jean-Paul got in his early 30’s introduced and simultaneously forced to get off the couch and start running by his girlfriend - the hard way.

Fast forward about 15 years he runs wherever and whenever he can. Whether that is on streets, tarmac or trails. However, the latter is what he enjoys most lately and also introduced him to the world of endurance sports. Running fast half marathons had to make room for (ultra) trail events all over Europe with Transalpine Run being cherry on the cake.
If not running, you’ll find Jean-Paul either visiting hardcore shows, expanding his vinyl collection buying wax on the world wide web, spending time with his family/ friends, or traveling places to eat the best vegan food there is out there.