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"Hillpower" First Aid Kit
"Hillpower" First Aid Kit
"Hillpower" First Aid Kit
"Hillpower" First Aid Kit
#Schrotthaufen Rescue Letter
#Schrotthaufen Rescue Letter
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"Hillpower" First Aid Kit

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Ultra compact first aid kit that carries all mandatory items requested by most trail races plus some specials that will get you over every mountain. Hand picked and created by some of the most experienced trail runners in this universe.


With only 20 x 11 x 3.5cm, the "Hillpower" First Aid Kit carries the following items:

  • 1x space / rescue blanket
  • 1x triangular arm-sling / bandage
  • 2x blister band aids / pads
  • 2x regular band aids
  • 1x sterile dressing
  • 2x field dressing
  • 2x sterile gloves
  • 1x metal emergency whistle
  • 4x safety pin (also good for fixing your bib number)
  • 1x gauze bandage
  • 2x alcohol pads
  • 1x waterproof metal pill box
  • SPECIAL A: Original Tiger Balm (Instant relieve from headaches, body smell and bad karma. This is the ultimate panacea for every trail run)
  • SPECIAL B: The almighty #Schrotthaufen rescue letter (A true life saver. Write down a quote or mantra, that motivates and pushes you forward. Have the letter with you during the race and read it, when you're a complete #Schrotthaufen and want to drop out. It works. Promise.)
  • SPECIAL C: Blue Light. ("It's blue light." - "What does it do?" - "It turns blue.")


Mandatory equipment at trail races can be a really pain in the a. Dozens of athletes running through a small mountain village hunting for emergency blankets, triangular arm-slings and gauze bandages. These days are over. The "Hillpower" First Aid Kit contains the mandatory equipment of basically every trail event and so much more. Just throw this piece of gear in your running backpack or hydration vest and be safe. Anytime. Anywhere.

Disclaimer: This first aid kit is hand-picked and compiled by real humans. It contains love and passion. If, for any reason, there's something of the listed items above missing please get in touch and we'll hook you up with a replacement.