Beyond Backyard

Running has many faces and easily adapts to almost every situation. The Covid-19 Pandemic has leveraged one of the most quirky, but also challenging race formats ever known: Backyard Ultras. 

Beyond Running

BEYOND is our vision and understanding of running ultra distances.

Like The Wind Magazine Giveaway
Win one out of 6 Like The Wind Magazines
The Willpower Black Series

The Willpower BLACK SERIES is an exclusive range of 4 different t-shirts with iconic designs, all limited to 100 pieces each. 

Our New Willpower Athlete - Marina Kollassa

The Willpower Athletes are neither an endorsement program nor a sports club. There's no application form or selection process. We are a circle of like-minded friends with a common attitude towards running and life.

Rescue & Shelter
Get 10% - Give 10% and support the Erdlingshof in order to give rescued animals a new home.
Stickers Anyone?
You can from now on opt-in for a Free Willpower Sticker Package when checking out your order.
Global "Running With Attitude" Day
In order to celebrate today's Global Running Day we brought back the long sold out "Running With Attitude" Collection in its original colors black and grey.  "Running With Attitude" was the first design we ever created. It’s simplicity and boldness...
The Two Things That Still Hold True

"The Two Things That Still Hold True" discovers the strikingly comparable up- and downsides of both, the running and the punk/hardcore communities. But most of all this is a story about the far-reaching life lessons deriving from both subcultures

Summer Product Drop
It's been a lot of work but it was so much worth it. We're really proud of each single item and are stoked to finally unleash it to the world.
It's Just Me Against Myself

I Against I - The only rival that’s worth beating

Vegan Runners Playlist
Plant Based Runners around the world, this is your soundtrack!
Poison Free Running Update
We added two brand new designs and 6 new items to the Poison Free Running Collection.
Puzzles for Runners

TRUST THE PROCESS PUZZLES create beautiful jigsaw puzzles for runners and bring calm and serenity to your rest days.

Customer Accounts
Did you know, that you can set up an account at Willpower? It's absolutely optional, but it can be helpful to track your orders and save your data. 
There's hope in despair
We want to show, that there is hope. Running can give hope. Being surrounded by people, who accept you for who you are can give hope. And most of all, knowing that you are not alone can give hope.
New return option: Credit
You can from now on choose "Credit" when returning an item and receive an extra 10% on your order value.
The End of 2020
In this last message of 2020 we do not want to point out how strange and rough this year was. Much more we want to say THANK YOU from the bottom of our hearts. Everyone fought their own struggle and yet still running united us under the banner of Willpower. It truly means a lot to us, that this brand has become such an important beacon to so many people, including ourselves.
1990 - 1999
The 1990s were full of artistic life and meaningful substance.
About last weekend...
Thank you so much for your great interest in our new Product Drop and Bold Friday Party! We were truly overwhelmed by the amount of orders and all the lovely messages we got. After all, we are creating running clothing for you, so it's a great thing to see that you like the new stuff so much.