About Willpower

Willpower is a running clothing brand for those who don't fit in. For the hungry hearts and unique souls who think, feel and look different from the mass. We are here and we are many. For we are proud runners with attitude. 

The Story

„I still remember the day very clearly, when I browsed through Runner’s World Magazine and came across an advertisement of the market leader in running clothing. The ad was very well designed, a runner standing on top of a hill, looking down upon a city, perfectly personifying both, the urban and the trail runner. I looked a the ad for a while and, just like probably any other runner, felt very attracted by it. Then I realized that the runner portrayed in the ad was completely dressed up in neon green colors. From top to bottom all green. I was shocked by the fact, that I was so appealed by this advertisement, although I would never wear neon green colors in my ‚real life‘. With running clothes however, this seemed to be possible. I looked at my running wardrobe and found all sorts of crazy colors, cuts and accessory. It suddenly appeared to me like the costume storage of a dog and pony show. This wasn’t my taste, this wasn’t my style and it did not fit my personality at all. I wanted to dress the way I feel like and simply ‚look cool‘ when I’m out running. None of the current brands could provide me what I wanted. That was the moment, when the idea for Willpower was born.“

Our Values

For Runners With Attitude

We create running products exclusively for you. The misfits, the mavericks and the steadfast. Runners with attitude, who refuse to be a part of the mainstream.

We Love What We Do

That’s why we do it. Passion, not money is the driving force that keeps us going. We proudly stand behind all the  visuals and statements we created. 


No human life is worth more than another. We condemn any form of discrimination based on gender, colour, beliefs, origin, sexual orientation, social status, disability or any other quality that makes humankind so wonderfully diverse. 

We Care About The Environment

We refuse to play by the destructive rules of the textile industry. Our goal is to create running clothing that last, not to maximize revenue at any cost.

We Care About Humans And Animals

We don’t allow any human or animal to be exploited in our name. That’s why we are looking for the highest social standards and cruelty free manufacturing or our goods. 

We Love Our Customers But We Don’t Want To Be Amazon

Willpower would not exist without you. We truly care about your happiness and gladly solve any problem that might appear. However there’s a limited to the customer service we offer. It ends as soon as it causes harm to the environment, animals or the people who work for Willpower. But we know, we’re on the same line here.

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