It's Bold Friday
It's that time of the year. Biggest Drop and most massive Sale from Friday to Sunday.
Our 8th Anniversary
8 Years of Running Proud
Without - Within

If something is lost, it can be found.

A New Willpower Athlete
Welcome, Emi DIxon!
Route of Samsara

The Route of Samsara collection invites you to take a deeper look at the spiritual side of running. Join a journey of self-discovery and exploration, as we delve into the never ending cycles of birth, life, death, and rebirth.

Return to Balance
You are everything. And everything is you.
Spring Drop
Spring Drop is here. Expression As Willpower keeps evolving as a brand, we are doing so as runners and human beings as well. This whole project was built on the desire to make a change. Within the running community, but...
International Women's Day
Not just today
Poison. Free. Running.
New Collection Out Now
One year.
Runners United against War and Nationalism
15€ Four Your Email
15€ instead of 10€ for your Newsletter Subscription
Shipping Costs and Free Shipping Threshold
Update on our shipping costs
The end of 2022
End of the year posting. See you on the other side!
The New Drop
The new Willpower Drop has landed
Run Wherever - Love Whoever

Love is love. And everyone should be entitle to choose their own identity and share intimacy and affection with whoever they want. Just like running, every human deserves to experience love equally. Without shame and without limitations.

Willpower Anniversary
It's our birthday. Let's celebrate!
Street Justice - Urban Discipline
The "Street Justice 22" Collection is out now! Three different print colors on three different textiles. Crafted for training, resting and racing. 
Run Proud goes Prime
Being at the very core of what Willpower stands for as a brand, this collection is all about empowerment. You are a runner and this is something to be truly proud of.
Runners United Part II & Part III

25% of the total income of every sold shirt is donated to grassroots NGOs who offer direct support for the civilian victims of war worldwide, especially in Ukraine. 

Beyond the Heat
The Heat leads the way. Destination unknown. Yet moving on ever so restless.
Summer Drop Out Now

We are striving to create products to be remembered. Every single item of this drop reflects our understanding of running from a misfit's point of view. Now we hand these new products over to you, so we are united as one.