A new Willpower Athlete

A new Willpower Athlete

It does not happen too often, that we take in a new member to the Willpower Athletes. In fact it has been almost a year since our last addition. That’s even more of a reason why we are super stoked to heartly welcome Michi Knoche to the family!

He has been hanging out with us for quite some time now. We ran, travelled, ate, worked and laughed together and just like with all new Willpower Athletes it came totally naturally and by feel alone, that he is now officially part of our group.

Michi truly fits the heart and the soul of Willpower. He has a rather humble and „at low revs“ approach towards running. Hey just runs without making much noise about it. Simply because he loves it. Even after years of running he’s still excited before every race. He celebrates the highs and mourns the lows of this sport with all his heart. Just like the rest of us, he’s having difficulties with the mainstream running world, but loves to be around forthright people with equal values and ideas.

The Willpower Athletes are neither a marketing tool nor a sports team. There's no application form or selection process. We are a circle of like-minded friends with a common attitude towards running. What we do by far exceeds the framework of sports. We gather to create meaning and growth. We run to uplift individuality and to celebrate life in the very moment it takes place. We are friends, lovers, parents, sons and daughters, apprentices and teachers, rookies and pros, all at the same time. Our bond is strong and we run proud.

We are very happy to have him. Welcome, Michi!

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