Puzzles for Runners

TRUST THE PROCESS PUZZLES create beautiful jigsaw puzzles for runners and bring calm and serenity to your rest days.

There's hope in despair
We want to show, that there is hope. Running can give hope. Being surrounded by people, who accept you for who you are can give hope. And most of all, knowing that you are not alone can give hope.
New return option: Credit
You can from now on choose "Credit" when returning an item and receive an extra 10% on your order value.
The End of 2020
In this last message of 2020 we do not want to point out how strange and rough this year was. Much more we want to say THANK YOU from the bottom of our hearts. Everyone fought their own struggle and yet still running united us under the banner of Willpower. It truly means a lot to us, that this brand has become such an important beacon to so many people, including ourselves.
1990 - 1999

The Willpower 90s Collection is to celebrate both, the most important decade our lives and our love for running.

About last weekend...
Thank you so much for your great interest in our new Product Drop and Bold Friday Party! We were truly overwhelmed by the amount of orders and all the lovely messages we got. After all, we are creating running clothing for you, so it's a great thing to see that you like the new stuff so much.
Bold Friday & Responsibility
We offer you long-lasting, eco-friendly and high quality products and you will shop mindfully.
Poison Free Running
This profound collection is much more identified by its meaning than by its designs. „Poison Free Running“ is a wide field and it’s meant to be this way. Expect all sorts of different designs and themes. After all, we’re unified in the struggle to cure and shelter our bodies and souls. With that being said: What’s YOUR poison?
End Racism Now!

Willpower bezieht klar Stellung gegen Intoleranz, Ausgrenzung und Hass. Rassismus darf weder in der Lauf-Community noch in unserer Gesellschaft einen Raum bekommen. Wir sind alle betroffen, wenn in unserem Land, in unserem privaten Umfeld oder unserem Sport Menschen aufgrund ihrer Herkunft oder ihres Aussehens ausgeschlossen, benachteiligt, verfolgt oder verletzt werden. Machen wir uns stark und sichtbar, damit kein Zweifel aufkommt, wo wir stehen.

Happy Birthday To Us
Today we celebrate our 5th anniversary. As a gift we’re treating ourselves with a brand new logo design, that could not be more to the point: Willpower. This absolutely iconic visual showcases what Willpower is all about: Reducing things to...
Website Relaunch
With your help we redesigend our onlinestore. Here's what's new.
Street Justice 20
You might not be the fastest. You might not win. But your intentions are sincere and your spirit is untainted. This is Street Justice.
A new Willpower Athlete
We are very happy to have him. Welcome, Michi!
Everything new
Our words and visuals are made to last. These runners’ manifestos run deep and mean a lot to us and to you.
For the Willpower Athleites spending time together always is a kind of sanctuary we would not want to miss.
The Movement For Black Lives
Wearing an anti-racist shirt and making a donation are important things to do, but the real fight against racism takes place in our everyday life.
I Go Solo
„I’m making my way home. I’m making my way. I go solo, oh, I go solo.“. (Tom Rosenthal)
Running is political

„Keep your opinions for yourselves! There’s no place for politics in running.“.

We could not disagree more.

Let's run down racism
Let's be strong. Let's be visible. But most of all let's be unmistakably clear, about where we stand.
Interview for Correr na Cidade
We just recently did an interview for Correr Na Cidade, a portuguese running blog. Since this feature is in portuguese (obviously) I added an english translation here. However I suggest you visit their website.
Interview for Running Culture Blog

We joined Running Cultur Blog for a quick running talk.