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Website Relaunch

Website Relaunch
We have relaunched our website. There is a lot new to see and some hot new features.

The most important improvements at a glance:
  • Speed Speed Speed - The new website is the fastest we've ever had
  • Improved usability - Bigger buttons, simpler text, more contrast, better spacing. Easy to use, it's almost fun
  • Super Mobile-Friendly - Almost more fun on a smartphone than a desktop
  • Free shipping display - Now also in the shopping cart
  • Estimate shipping costs - Find out the amount of shipping costs before you checkout
  • Matching products - Jump back and forth between different colors of the same product 
  • Complete the look - Useful cross-selling suggestions on the product page, such as patches on a denim jacket
  • Clearly recognize sold out and scarce products
  • Optimized search
  • Even faster quick-buy function
  • 1-page checkout
  • Revised "About" section
And much more.

If you still notice a bug or error, please let us know. Thank you for your help <3

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