Donations for Ukraine
We made the first Donations of the "Runners United" Campaign
Thank you, Female Runners!
We still have a long way to go on the road to gender equality.
Runners United - Gegen Krieg & Nationalismus

Unser Wirkungskreis ist der Laufsport. Aus diesem Grund adressieren wir mit dieser Kampagne die Läufer dieser Welt und wollen sie ermutigen sich gegen Krieg und Nationalismus stark zu machen. Lasst uns gemeinsam den Opfern Hilfe leisten und uns den Kriegstreibern entgegen stellen.

Krieg ist Horror
We are currently working on a fundraising campaign for the people of Ukraine. Especially those who are fleeing from their homes.
A New Willpower Athlete
The Willpower Athletes are neither an endorsement program nor an ambassador team. There's no application process and no formalized requirements.  We are a circle of like-minded friends with a common attitude towards running and life. We gather to create meaning and growth among us and our surroundings. We run to uplift individuality and to celebrate life in the very moment it takes place. This group grows naturally, although new additions are rare. It happens exactly, when it feels right. Our bond is strong and we run proud.
You can't kill an attitude
Thanks for caring. Thanks for being excited. Thanks for staying positive and true to yourself. Let's go, 2022!
The Purge
The Purge is On. 15% Off Storewide with Code 'PURGE22' until Wednesday 23:59h.
Hello DHL
We switched delivery carriers from GLS to DHL. You are welcome.
We Are Willpower

This is Willpower Athlete Mike Kratzer

Bold Friday 2021

November 26th marks the date of Bold Friday, our biggest annual sale, but also our largest product drop of the year. Get listed and find a preview at

Sticker Package
8-10 amazing Willpower stickers for just 1€
The Willpower Athletes
This is not a sports club or a racing team. The Willpower Athletes are a circle of like-minded friends with a common attitude towards running.
Finally A True Runner With Attitude From Head To Toe.
One Year Of Poison Free Running
Underlying this mantra is a conscious and reflective lifestyle, that destroys less than it builds good inside yourself and the world around you. What unites us is the idea that what you get out of running is defined by what you put into it. 
Different Sport Same Attitude

"Ride Till Death" means to go the distance. To stay healthy and sane in a deteriorating world. To escape, but at the same time to fight back, while maintaining inner peace and physical balance. All for the purpose of riding until the day we die.

Website Relaunch - Find a bug and get 5€
We offer a 5€ shopping voucher for everyone who finds and reports a bug on the website. This will help us tremendously and we want to show our appreciation for your help.
It's our Birthday
Willpower is not about running clothing, but about an idea and a community. The idea is, that running should be independent, free and individual. And the community is you, the runners with attitude who don’t fit in and refuse to resign to the status quo. 
Life & Death - The Doom Loop
Eventually we will all come full circle. Yet we are just beginning.  
Beyond Backyard

Running has many faces and easily adapts to almost every situation. The Covid-19 Pandemic has leveraged one of the most quirky, but also challenging race formats ever known: Backyard Ultras. 

Beyond Running

BEYOND ist unsere Vision und unser Verständnis vom Ultralaufen.

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