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Runhundred Testimonials

Runhundred Testimonials

Over the past weeks our founder Chris got a few very flattering feedbacks on his first Book. "Runhundred - Heart Versus Heat at Western States 100" is about his life-changing experiences at the Western States Endurance Run. 

"A really likeable and stirring story of an obsession with a sport and a race."Damian Hall, Author of "We Can’t Run Away From This" and Ultrarunner

"After my debut at Western States this year, while reading, I often found myself smiling, empathizing with Chris, and can confirm the myth. It feels like processing with guidance, running once again in that parallel world. Rarely do I put books aside to contemplate instead of doing something else."  Janosch Kowalczyk, Top10 Finisher WSER 2023

"(…) Herausgekommen ist ein emotionaler, ehrlicher Bericht, der auch Nicht-Ultraläufer fesseln wird." Runner’s World, Ausgabe 1 / 2024

"Western States is not just any race, it is THE race. Chris beautifully captures his highly emotional adventure in his own unique way. Authentically written, his book leaves you craving for more. Chris demonstrates how running can positively transform your life." Luzia Buehler, 4th Woman at WSER 2022

"Das Buch hat mich mega gepackt. Als wenn ich Teil des Rennens gewesen wäre. Ich hatte das Gefühl ich bin immer in der Perspektive hinter Chris und seiner Crew und konnte richtig miterleben wie es ihm ging. (…) Ich habe für mich eine ganz andere Beziehung wieder zum Laufen entdeckt. Es gibt ein 'Why' hinter dem Thema und Chris beschreibt das unheimlich anschaulich.“ – Chris Gugelmann, Trail Rookies Podcast

"You might read this book and simply like it. However, you might as well shed some tears while reading this. Just like I did." – Henning Lenertz, Runner’s World Editor

"This is one of the few books on ultrarunning that I would truly consider a must read. It's thought provoking, well written, and most of all, inspiring. If you're not already an ultrarunner, Runhundred will probably make you one."Christian Bruneß, former editor in chief of Laufzeit Magazine, Host of 'Vom Laufen Podcast'

"100 miles are long. Long enough to fill a book with one single run? But Chris abolished my doubts: this book is written by a levelhead but tells the story of a runner, who punk-heartedly reached the finish line of his dream-race."Benni Bublak, Ultratrailrunner

"It's hard for me to look at RUNHUNDRED in a neutral way. I've seen firsthand how the person I love falls apart and gives up. But I’ve also seen him retrieve himself through running, which I adore as well. Fortunately, I still don't understand his weird cutoff time calculations, so it remained only to hope that his situation will get better at some point. It would be the greatest recognition for the book if readers, faced with their own challenges, remembered this possibility." Lisa Mehl, Ultrarunner | Western States crew captain | and author’s wife

"Runhundred is a wonderful insight into ultrarunning for all to experience. Through Chris' writing, the reader can virtually feel what running 100 miles is truly like. It is an incredibly descriptive and captivating recounting of his long journey on foot. Through the preparation phase, to the start line in Olympic Valley, to the finish line in Auburn and everything in between, one rides the highs and lows with him.

Having met Chris when we were on holiday in Austria, his kind, charming, likeable, honest and opening persona made it feel like we have been friends for life. His writing is a reflection of his passion, love and dedication to not only the ultra trail running community but the running world at large.  

Chris has left his heart on the pages of this book and I know you will love Runhundred as much as I have. Consistency + Commitment." Mat Grills, Australian Ultrarunner  

"RUNHUNDRED is neither a heroic saga nor a training plan. It is an inspiring tale of an amateur runner about a once-in-a-lifetime chance to take part in probably the most historic ultra running competition, the WSER, with all its ups and downs. Both on the journey over all the miles to the finish line and on the perhaps even more arduous journey to the start line. Chris shares honestly, self-reflectively and profoundly what it means to push yourself to the very limit as a runner in order to rediscover your inner self. Great read!" – Christian Lotter, Burger Club

"I haven't had the chance to read yet because there's always a lot of action going on for me, but I'm very excited to pick up this book during the cold winter days and soak it up with a good cup of tea. I'm pretty sure it's an awesome story, and I'm also looking forward to reading it, as I'm sure it will bring back my own memories of WSER. Also, the WSER lottery is taking place on Saturday, and everything about this race is simply fascinating and inspiring." - Flo Neuschwander, Run WTF

"Runhundred is a fun read that takes you all the way from Olympic Valley to Auburn, California - with all the ups and downs of the race." – Nico Lumma

 Runhundred Book Cover


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