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Bold Friday 2021

Bold Friday 2021

November 26th marks the date of Bold Friday. That's our biggest annual sale, but also our largest product drop of the year. 

This Product Drop includes many daring new items and designs we‘ve been working on for a while and one completely new collection. We‘re excited to share this with you soon. To ease the waiting time we have set up a product preview at www.bold-friday.com.

Bold Friday als is our biggest annual sale. It will bring you massive discounts, very special offers and access to a lot of exclusive and limited stuff. We have set up a website for this once in a lifetime weekend, so you won’t miss a thing: www.bold-friday.com.

Just like the years before we kindly ask you to shop mindfully. Although we urge to have more and new runners finding out about the ideas and ethics behind Willpower, we do not want to trigger a headless shopping frenzy. We still believe that we are all capable of reflecting our own behavior and making conscious purchase decisions despite shiny news stuff, great offers and discounts.

See you on November 26th!

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