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Bold Friday & Responsibility

Bold Friday & Responsibility
As you can see, we scheduled our Winter Product Drop for Bold Friday (November 27th) to combine it with the most extensive offers and discounts of 2020. We have discussed the pros and cons a lot and finally came to the conclusion that this is our way to go.

It is our intention to have more and new runners finding out about the ideas and ethics behind Willpower without compromising what we stand for. Bold Friday is a great opportunity to reach a lot of people. We know that this is a thin line and a mindless excessive shopping frenzy is just a stone’s throw away, but we still believe that we are all capable of reflecting our own behavior and making conscious purchase decisions despite an overkill of offers and discounts.

In addition we are setting up a donation button at the end of the checkout asking every customer to leave a small percentage of their purchase as a donation for the ROBIN WOOD, a small but visible german activist group, who dedicate their work to ecological and thus social justice, degrowth and sustainability. Their projects are great and highly supportable.

We for our part keep on doing our best to produce highest quality, eco-friendly goods under fair conditions that are made to last for a long time. Our statements are strong and our designs are timeless. We do not push forward fast fashion product drops to fuel blind consumerism, like most other brands do. We do not overproduce and we do not dispose our goods. In fact we are stoked every time we see someone run around with the same old Willpower Shirt he/she bought 5 years ago. It fills us with pride that our products are long-lasting and our designs and message stand the test of time.

With that being said: We are proud to showcase you a long list of awesome new products alongside some great offers.

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