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Happy Birthday To Us

Happy Birthday To Us

Today we celebrate our 5th anniversary. As a gift we’re treating ourselves with a brand new logo design, that could not be more to the point: Willpower. This absolutely iconic visual showcases what Willpower is all about: Reducing things to it’s truly essential core, while delivering a strong message. Have a look.

To celebrate our jubilee with YOU, you can order any „Varsity“ item (that’s how we named it) with an unbelievable 20% off the regular price by using the code ‚ANOTHERYEAR‘. This code is limited to one time per customer (not limited to the number of shirts in your shopping cart, though) and 24 hours. The new „Varsity“ design is available as Athleisure and Racing Shirt, as well as Hooded Sweater and Racing Longsleeve. 

Notwithstanding the above, this day is to celebrate the onset of an independent brand that deeply jolted the running community. Albeit everything that Willpower does only amplifies what has already been there before: Runners who are not willing to succumb to the status quo. Runners who are proud to honestly show their attitude and lifestyle in a bland world of standardization and mindlessness. Runners who share equal values and ideas on the other side of the mainstream. Runners like you. Runners like us. For we are many. United and Strong.

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