I Go Solo

I Go Solo

Dear Runners,

The fight against COVID-19 is not only taking place in hospitals and virus laboratories. It is something that concerns us all and pervades our daily lives to the core, even our beloved sport.

We created this special "I Go Solo" Athleisure T-Shirt for you to send out two messages. First, that you are willing to contribute your part in fighting this pandemic by running alone and keeping your distance to others. And second that you are a true runner at heart and will keep on moving to stay healthy, aware and sane.

After all you, as a runner, are on your own. And you’ve always been. No one will ever feel what you feel while running. No one will ever acknowledge the joy and the pain this sport sparks in you. No one will ever magically balance effort versus flow for you. It’s just you, your heartbeat and your stride.

Let's all go solo,
Team Willpower

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