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Interview for Correr na Cidade

Interview for Correr na Cidade

We just recently did an interview for Correr Na Cidade, a portuguese running blog. Since this feature is in portuguese (obviously) we are posting an english translation below. However we suggest you visit their website and give them a few clicks.

When was your company found?
Willpower was founded in September 2015. We started the brand with 2 shirt designs and it constantly grew since then.
What was your main goal when you created the brand?
Our main goal was to create running clothing for those who don’t fit it. Runners who have their own ideas in life and running. Runners who don’t want to dress in neon colors. Runners who believe in the concept of travel light. Runners who do not want to dress differently when they workout. For these athletes Willpower creates stylish high quality running clothing with a strong message.
What’s the brand philosophy?
We believe in simplicity. We have the strong desire to keep our running clothes as simple as the sport itself. The sheer power of moving forward on your feet, does not go along with an over-equipped, tech-fixated multi-million dollar industry, that tries to sell us the exact same shirt every year as the biggest innovation known to mankind.
What’s the difference between your garments and a typical running wear?
With Willpower we try to erase the boundaries between „casual“ and „sports“ wear. Our running clothing is as simple and stylish as the stuff you wear every day. We also try to keep things simple and promote the concept of "traveling light“, especially when it comes down to trail running. You don’t need to be equipped like an astronaut to survive a day in the mountains. 

Where are you kits produced and why?
Almost all our textiles are produced under environmental-friendly and fair conditions. That’s why we have many different suppliers for our products. Our GOTS-certified printing and refining company is in Slovakia. They deliver high quality and have the right social background. 
Are your products available to the Portuguese runner and do you have portuguese costumers?
95% of our products are sold through our Willpower Onlinestore (www.willpower-running.com) and yes, we do have customers from Portugal too. We ship worldwide for very los shipping costs. The full website and Onlinestore are in english because Willpower was always meant to be an international project. We know that there are misfit runners all around the globe.

In which markets are your brand available?
We do work together with some local running stores but as mentioned above most of our stuff is being sold through our online store at www.willpower-running.com. 

What’s your plans for the future?
We have a lot scheduled for 2020. There’s gonna be a new trail running collection launching this spring. We’re also gonna introduce the new „Street Justice“ collection soon. There’s also some great cooperations with other brands planned. It’s gonna be a busy year with a lot of growth.

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