Let's run down racism

Let's run down racism

Racism has a long and ugly history, sadly also in our beloved sport. Even though nowadays often rather subliminal, exclusion, discrimination and violence is still taking place every single day. The misconception of judging a person by the color of his/her skin is deeply rooted in our society and thus also in the running community. That’s why we here at Willpower are not getting tired of addressing this issue.

Despite all good intentions, it is not enough to claim, that every human needs to be treated equally. It is not enough to show which side you’re on. It’s also not enough to support the ones who fight for their own freedom on social, political and literal frontlines. This can only be the beginning.

We have to unlearn, listen and rethink what we believe to know about racism. We have to develop a new sense of attentiveness towards our own communication and actions and the ones of the people around us. We might even have to learn a new language to precisely understand and impart the fundamental problems and possible solutions. And we have to develop a new level of empathy and attention for those directly affected by racism, especially Black persons, not just in the USA, but all around the world.

Let’s make sure these times of upheaval are not just a passing phase, but the starting point of a long overdue, ultimate change.

Run Down Racism.

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