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Our 8th Anniversary

Our 8th Anniversary

Today is a very special day. We are celebrating 8 years of our existence. Hear our founder, Chris’ reminisce. 

"When I founded Willpower in 2015, I had no idea, where this would lead. As a company, but even more so as a community. At that time, I took a bold stance: I wanted to be a runner, but at the same time, I didn’t want to play by the sport’s rules. Especially not the rules set by big corporations, who only want to exploit another mass market. 

Judging from 8 years later, I can say that I was lucky. Lucky with my decision not to back down. Lucky with my decision to not only complain, but rather take action. Lucky to one-by-one meet the Willpower Athletes. Lucky to grow as a company which never took any investor’s capital, but only worked with what is there. But most of all, I was lucky that you came across Willpower.

Without all of you, Willpower simply wouldn’t exist. That’s a fact. Therefore, this is not only Willpower’s birthday today, but also yours. No matter if you discovered Willpower just lately, or have been a part of this community for years, it’s time to celebrate! 

And for me, it’s time to say thank you. And that is from the bottom of my heart."

We have created a special Jubilee Shirt for this epic day. It’s limited to 100 pieces but already sold out, sorry.

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