Shipping Costs and Free Shipping Threshold

Shipping Costs and Free Shipping Threshold

As for 2023 we had to make some adjustments to our shipping policy. We postponed it as long as possible but it became inevitable due to constantly rising prices of all shipping providers, especially for international orders. However, we tried to keep our shipping policy as attractive and simple as possible for you. Have a look:

Shipping Costs

  • 4.50€ (Germany)
  • 8.00€ (EU)
  • 24.00€ (World)

Free Shipping

  • Orders over 75.00€ (Germany)
  • Orders over 150.00€ (EU & World)

Shipping Time

  • Same-Day Shipping for orders before 1:00 pm (13:00h)
  • All other orders are shipped within 24h 
  • Regular delivery times are between 1-3 working days
  • We ship climate neutral with DHL and we ship worldwide

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