The Willpower Black Series

The Willpower Black Series

It’s been almost 3 years, but 2021 marks the return of the Willpower Black Series. That’s an exclusive range of 4 different t-shirts with iconic designs, all limited to 100 pieces each. Check them out!

If you grab all 4 designs and use the code 'BLACKFOUR' then you only pay for 3. Plus the shipping is free. 

For this year’s Black Series we decided to revamp some of our most iconic back print designs and turn them into inconspicuous pocket prints. Subtle style, same powerful message. 

As for the textile we picked our brand new Prime Racing Shirt available for male and female body shapes. Far beyond the average quality this fully recycled performance t-shirt comes up with the highest ethical and ecological standards.

Please take note that this is a preorder. Your Black Series shirts will be shipped on July 27th.


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