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Amanda Stelter (US)

Amanda Stelter (US)

Running since: I started running when I was in grade school.

First race ever (date, place, time): EVER? Grade school.

Why did you start running: Because I liked the idea of a sport that I could challenge myself with and do by myself.

Your favorite Willpower item:  The mugs, sports bra and varsity jacket!

Top5 Running Songs: Hiking/Climb/Mountaineering/Cycling Songs: Truthfully, I do more hiking, climbing, cycling and mountaineering these days. So, these would be for those days! I like more chill stuff when I’m doing anything physical. Mostly post-rock.

  • This Patch of Sky - Coordinates (44°06'12"N 121°46'09"W)
  •  Long Distance Calling - Apparitions
  •  Lowercase Noises - A Chance Grain of Rye
  •  The Daysleepers - Release the Kraken
  •  Caspian - Hymn for the Greatest Generation

Top5 Ever Songs: Toughest question EVER. I’m just going with lately! This changes with mood, age, everything!  

  • Heilung - Krigsgaldr
  • Shelter - Freewill
  • Lucifer - Dreamer
  • Boysetsfire - My Life in the Knife Trade 
  • Isis - The Other 

Favorite Pre- Hike/Climb/Ride meal:  Sorry! No carbs! Usually anything that involves lots of coconut oil and dark chocolate!

Favorite Post Hike/Climb/Ride: same as above! 

Wanna share a recipe?  Ketogenic friendly brownies!

Favorite quote:  “The best alpinist are the ones with the worst memories.” Jimmy Chin - this quote speaks to me and I’m sure with many people on so many levels.