Beyond Running

About this Collection

BEYOND is the Ultra Running Collection of Willpower.

You will find... Yes, You will find.
If you run long enough you will eventually reconnect with yourself. It’s a place of doubt and fear. But also of wild strength and natural instinct. Reduced to only what matters and free of any burdens and misgivings. A transcendental state of self. The true essence of mind rather than matter. Stripped down into the basic elements of life and transience. Awake in a blur. Lost in the split of a second. You will find. Yes, you will find.

The Design

"Into the Unknown" was the leitmotiv for this one of a kind traditional design by DeDonleon. It clearly embodies the transcendental qualities of running far and beyond.

The Products

Hand-Picked variety of products exclusiviely made to run long distances. Only own what inspires you. Dwell in humbleness. Run over and above.

The Meaning

Run until it’s not about running anymore and at the same time about nothing else. Run as far and as long as your body carries you and then let your heart take over. Run. Run Far. Run Beyond.