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1990 - 1999

1990 - 1999

The 1990s were a truly momentous decade. Whether you witnessed them as a kid, a teenager or young adult, it has surely influenced you in a significant way. Most of us were lucky enough to discover the profoundness and rage of music genres and underground scenes like hardcore, punk, grunge, hiphop or metal. To some of us our favorite bands even helped us through tough times and pointed us the right way, when we were lost and hopeless. Sometimes it is hard to grasp how much the 90s and its subculture affected who we are today.

So here we are, 2020. At one point of our lives we have become runners. Some of us have carried this passion from their teenager years into their adult life. Other have discovered this wonderful sport much later in life. What we all have in common is a fervor and dedication for something that is bigger and more meaningful to us, than most other things in life. Just like our musical and cultural socialization in the 90s, running has an appreciable impact on our personalities.

The Willpower 90s Collection is to celebrate both, the most important decade our lives and our love for running.

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