A New Willpower Athlete

A New Willpower Athlete

Today we welcome Emi Dixon to our most inner circle, the Willpower Athletes.

Originally from Great Britain, Emi just popped up in Munich one day in late 2021 and immediately clicked with the local Willpower people. We started running together, drove to races, slept in mountain huts and even shared (her first) vegan Kaiserschmarrn together. Everything felt so naturally since day one. It just fit.

Emi is a wonderful human being. She's driven by a insatiable hunger for running, and she's also an incredibly fierce racer every time she pins on a bib.

Sending out this type of announcement to the world does not happen too often. And that is for a reason. The Willpower Athletes are not a running club or racing team. Even less an endorsement program or ambassador marketing tool. The Willpower Athletes are a circle of friends, that grows and evolves naturally. The most and only decisive factor for a new addition is gut feel. From both sides, by the way.

We gather to create meaning and spark evolvement among us and our surroundings. We run to uplift individuality and to celebrate life in the very moment it takes place. We are friends, lovers, parents, sons and daughters, apprentices and teachers, rookies and pros, givers and takers, all at the same time. Our bond is strong and we run proud.

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