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About last weekend...

About last weekend...
The sea has calmed and we’re left with little energy but happy faces. Both, our latest Product Drop and Bold Friday have been absolutely insane. We literally sat on our desk day and night to answer all your messages, fix technical bugs, update the storefront, keep you posted through our social media channels and - of course - to make sure your orders are being processed in high speed.

This has by far been the biggest „event“ in the history of Willpower. We already assumed this while creating the Product Drop, but that it would be SO many orders and such huge interest in the end, really made us awestruck. We’re especially stoked about all the new runners who found out about Willpower last weekend. After all, we’re still a small independent brand and while you can buy a pair of nike shorts literally at every gas station, it is not self-evident, that someone would come across Willpower. But if it happens it very often „clicks“. People seem to immediately understand what this brand stands for and if they identify with our values and style, it quickly becomes a strong bond. With this in mind: Welcome (new) runners with attitude!

We also want to thank you all for shopping mindfully. We can tell from the orders and return rate whether people just randomly buy loads of stuff, or if they really think about their purchase decision and focus on the items they truly love and want to wear for a long time. It is always a double-edged sword, because we naturally want you all to own every single Willpower item ever created, but it does neither help us, nor you, nor the environment, if those wonderful pieces do not go into action.

Some of you might have recognized that we set up a small tipping option at checkout for ROBIN WOOD e.V., a small but visible german activist group, who dedicate their work to ecological and thus social justice, degrowth and sustainability. In doing so we collected 250.98€, thank you all so much for your donation! We doubled the amount and sent 500.00€ to ROBIN WOOD e.V.. If you’re not familiar with them yet, check out their great projects.

2020 is not over yet. We still got one very special thing for you in the pipeline. So after taking a deep breath and going for a couple of runs, you’re gonna hear from us very soon.

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