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End Racism Now!

End Racism Now!
in order to carry on our persistent fight against racism, we have created a brand new range of "Run Down Racism" items with a large backprint. We called them "BOLD" because of their high visibility and clear message. 

Racism is not like a stain on the floor that you simply wipe up and the problem is gone. It has been practiced and hardened for centuries and is deeply anchored in all our lives. To end racism asks us to rethink what we’ve been doing and saying for centuries. It demands, that we reflect our own role as oppressors. It forces us to acknowledge that our privilege and wealth was created on the backs of the unfortunate and excluded.

With all that in mind it is totally absurd to see ignorant weekend-revolutionaries march side by side with right wing extremists and neo-nazis. It is also highly disturbing to hear about police chat groups making derogatory jokes about people of color or even getting organized to overthrow democracy and actually kill people. And it very upsetting to see politicians lengthly discuss how to deal with refugees, who have lost everything twice already, instead of immediately ending their misery. All this is happening not in far away countries, but right in front of our own doors.

But what hurts the most is that so many people still believe that one human life is worth more than another. These people celebrate and defend an egocentric world view, that is build on greed, exploitation and deadly ignorance. What we need right now instead is empathy, mutual understanding and far-sighted decisions and actions. Only if we reflect on our own behavior of the past, only if we admit to the mistakes we made and still make and only if we are willing to invest all our time and energy into a better life together, we will be able to overcome racism and discrimination against minorities.

With that being said: Run Down Racism. 

Team Willpower

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