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It's our Birthday

It's our Birthday

"Today marks the 7th birthday of Willpower. 2015 does not seem that long ago, but the quantum of things that happened since then is breathtaking. At least to me. 

As some of you might know, I have a music background. I played in and worked with countless bands, ran a record label, a fanzine and and artist management agency. However things were very often the same no matter which role I played. Write music, record and album, tour, repeat. Don’t get me wrong, this is not a music scene bashing. Quite the contrary. Most of the knowledge and experience that allowed me to start Willpower was due to my time as a musician and music professional. 

However, with Willpower things have been differently right from the start. Partly because the scope of the endeavor was not limited to one specific scene. But also because I was more or less inexperienced in running a running clothing brand. Nevertheless, I was pretty unconcerned about that and just did what felt right to me as a runner. I didn’t expect anyone, except for a couple of friends, to be interested in what I was doing with Willpower, but I obviously hit a nerve and things got bigger and bigger. More challenges, more learnings, more growth. For Willpower, but also for me personally.

Through all these years Willpower never went astray. I always had a guiding light, a beacon in the night, so to say. From the very first day, I knew that Willpower was not about running clothing, but about an idea and a community. The idea is, that running should be independent, free and individual. And the community is you, the runners with attitude who don’t fit in and refuse to resign to the status quo. 

Thank you so much for these first exciting 6 years. Let’s hit the road and travel onwards. Together." 

Chris / Founder & CEO of Willpower

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