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Our New Willpower Athlete - Marina Kollassa

Our New Willpower Athlete - Marina Kollassa

Taking in a new Willpower Athlete is a rare event. We know that there’s a lot of guesswork about who and when someone joins our closest collective. We also receive a lot of unsolicited applications by runners from all over the world. People tell us about their running achievements, their future plans and their social media reach. Though none of this matters to us when we embrace a new member.

In actual fact there is only one criteria that matters: gut feel. It either feels right, or it doesn’t. Simple as that. 

In Marina’s case it felt right from the very first second we met. Her open and straight forward way and her passionate no compromise approach towards running charged an open door in our team and perfectly resonates with how we tick. We are so glad to have her in our ranks now.

If you want to say 'hi' to Marina, you will surely meet her at one of the following races this year: Witiger Backyard Ultra, Stubai Ultratrail, Eiger Ultra Trail, UTMB and Tor Des Geants, just to name a few. 

Welcome, Marina!


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hi, I noticed someone passing me by uphill past weekend on La Chouffe Trail, straight back and perfect stride. it was only half a minute later I noticed the sandals
congrats on your accomplishments so far and good luck in further endeavors!

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