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Poison Free Running

Poison Free Running
Our new collection - POISON FREE RUNNING - is out now.

For most of us running has seized a big part of our lives and has become much more than only a leisure activity. It shapes our thoughts and our behavior and portrays our personality. To live out what we love, it becomes inevitable to protect our bodies and souls from toxic thoughts, behaviour, relationships and substances. Everyone has their own set of "poisons" that are threatening the good inside of and around us, but in most cases the struggle to protect ourselves can be narrowed down to three key elements:

EAT WELL: With food being the main source of energy we have to reflect on our dietary intake every day. We all have gotten to know the inevitable athletic limitations induced by unhealthy, too much or not enough food. Finding the right quality and amount is crucial for our everyday running, to reach the ambitious goals we set and the reconcile with ourselves.

RUN CLEAN: It is a matter of self-respect to spare your body from any form of performance-enhancing substances. No matter if you’re a spare-time runner or professional athlete, there is absolutely no point in boosting your performance by the abuse of drugs. It’s cowardly, malicious and disrespectful towards everyone who runs clean.

STAY CLEAR: Don’t let self-doubt ego-trips, envy, fear of failure or peer pressure infiltrate your mind. Negative thoughts and bad energy are the enemy of every great running experience, no matter if they originate inside of your, or act upon you from the outside. Stay Clear. Focus on what you love. Get lost in the moment. Release yourself and run free.

POISON FREE RUNNING is much more identified by its meaning than by its designs. It is a wide field and it’s meant to be this way. Expect all sorts of different designs and themes. After all, we’re unified in the effort to cure and shelter our bodies and souls. With that being said: What’s YOUR poison?

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