Poison. Free. Running.

Poison. Free. Running.

Poison Free Running. What a lovely way to clarify that mental health, physical well-being and harmony with the world around us are worth more than anything. Keep those poisons out of your life and run forever free. 

Poison Free Running can be narrowed down to one simple formula: What you get out of running is defined by what you put into it. Your greatest passion should never fall victim to toxic substances & relationships, negative thoughts or destructive behavioral patterns. However this collection does not promote an "all or nothing" approach. You don't have to be Straight Edge or Vegan to proudly wear these shirts. 

At the same time Poison Free Running was clearly created to visualize a healthy, mindful and cruelty free lifestyle among runners. We might not all draw the same conclusions from our experiences, good or bad, but the mantra of this collection, "Eat Well - Run Clean - Stay Clear", affects every runner. It is the DNA of Willpower to take a stand and speak out loud. And that’s exactly what we do, when we push forward a Poison Free lifestyle and running. 

After all, we’re unified in the struggle to safeguard our bodies, minds and souls. With that being said, what’s your poison?

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