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Running is political

Running is political
Because of the recent events in Germany, discussions about right-wing terrorism emerge all over the internet. First of all: That’s a good thing. Naming this problem and debating its origins and threat might rise awareness among those who still think this is just an accidental series of random acts of violence by a few confused internet kids.

I am particularly happy when such political discussions pop up in places where people usually discuss the cushioning of running shoes or the GPS functionality of the latest Garmin watch. However it usually doesn’t take long until someone shows up to say something like „Keep your opinions for yourselves! There’s no place for politics in running.“

I strongly disagree with this. Running IS political. It’s an activity where people meet people, where groups are formed, where culture is shaped, where social behavior is claimed and negotiated. Runners are consumers, employees, crew captains, role models, trainer, business people, advisors and team mates.

All of the above is political. All of the above forces us to make decisions regarding our social milieu on a daily basis.

I truly believe that the running community can be a source of positive change. A place where meaningful debates and interaction can lead to a better together among runners and also with the world outside of sports. A place where a peaceful cohabitation of different people and groups can be practiced and proven every day.

With that being said: Raise your voice. Show where you stand. Veto injustice wherever you witness it. And don’t let anyone ever tell you where and when to express your opinion or not.

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