Street Justice - Urban Discipline

Street Justice - Urban Discipline

The "Street Justice 22" Collection is out now! Three different print colors on three different textiles. Crafted for training, resting and racing. 

  • TRAIN: "Street Justice" Athleisure Shirt
  • REST: "Street Justice" Cotton Shirt
  • RACE: "Street Justice" Racing Shirt 

All because road racing season is on. Berlin, Cologne, Chicago, Frankfurt, Munich, Dublin, New York, just to name a few. No matter if it’s a marathon, a half-marathon, a 10k or a 5k. A road race bluntly reveals where we stand as runners. It defines our current status quo and encourages us to come back and try even harder. Yes, it can be cruel. Yes, it will hurt. Yes, we’re gonna do it time and time again.

Urban Discipline is our law of the game. It is an expression of comradeship and dedication. A statement of determination and relentlessness. A resolution to go faster and harder than ever before. The promise to come back, not matter if we fail or win. 

Street Justice is the Willpower way to celebrate road racing. It’s uncompromising, just and thrilling. It’s fast, hard and competitive. It requires hard work, consistency and guts. It ruthlessly shows where you stand as a runner. Let’s toe the line and get this done.

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