Björn Esser (GER)

Björn Esser (GER)

Running since: 2006 but not like real running...

First race ever (date, place, time): Bleilochlauf 2009, 22km

Why did you start running: Because I had the time to do it.

Your best race ever: Hamburg Marathon 2018

Favorite race event: Bleilochlauf, Challenge Prague, Whew100 Run‘n‘bike

The good (about running): Freedom, Nature, selfdetermination, Crewrunshangouts, can always eat a lot 

The bad (about running): Having to eat a lot

The ugly (about running): Feet and toes 

Your favorite Willpower item: Waistbag (thanx Henning!)

Top5 Running Songs:

  • Arsch im Raum der Zeit-Wizo

Top5 Ever Songs:

  • Hurt- J.Cash
  • Values here- Dag Nasty
  • World Peace- Cromags
  • In a manner of speaking- Nouvelle Vague
  • Stop me of you think...- the Smiths 

Favorite Pre-Race meal: Green Smoothie, Milchreis 

Favorite Post-Race meal: Hummussausage, Proteinsmoothie