Stephan Wieser (GER)

Stephan Wieser (GER)

Running since: First race ever (date, place, time): Augsburger Stadtlauf 10k, 47:17min. It was my 21th run overall in my life.
I had no idea what I was doing there but everything went well. Surprisingly compared to the usual mistake wich is starting to fast I was starting to slow and had to much power left when I crossed the finish line.

Why did you start running: When I was young it was hard for me to get into team sports. Football, Basketball…. All this basics school-sports I wansn’t very good at. So I found weightlifting for myself. It was not a transport but of course it was always more fun to do it in a group or with friends. All together but everyone  for your own. I trained 6-7 days a week and became a huge boy with a round 86kg.
Things changed… I move to another city, a few friends left the old studio and I had a new job and slowly I forgot my passion for it.
Lost between so much different activities I became a bit lazy. One day when I was on tour with the band GWLT to photograph their life on the road, I met Chris, the guitarist of the band wich always brought his running shoes. It felt a bit inspiring that, no matter where we have bin he slipped into his shoe and went for a run. Back home I tried it myself and immediately understand what running is about.
There is always someone that is faster than you. There is always someone wich is slower then you. You can do it alone for yourself or with hundreds of friends together. The distance between running and not running is basically only a good pair of shoes. There is no pressure as long as you don’t want to pressure yourself.

Your best race ever: Hamburg Marathon. One day before the race someone offered me a free BIB wich I spontaneously said yes to. Wasn’t really prepared for it but it Feld so butter smooth from the start to the finish line. It was also my birthday, the wether was good and I wasn’t aiming for a specific time. Strolling around, watching everyone around me suffer. haha.
Silvesterlauf München was also pretty interesting and funny cause I was not in training at all but kicked out a PB wich was 20% faster then everyone, even me, expected. Ubbbs.

Favorite race event: If been too many races as a photographer. I am in love with the Transalpine run. One day I will have to run it myself.

You should watch those to clips I shot there wich will make you understand why I am in love with the spirit:

The good (about running): Everyone can write its own story. The distance between doing it and doing it not is very short. Not very much excuses.

The bad (about running): Insures. Haha Insures since the beginning.

The ugly (about running): Insures….

Your favorite Willpower item: The Willpower Racing shirt. Why? Because it is a black shirt with no fancy stuff around it.

Top5 Running Songs: (or songs I like in genreal. There is so much stuff out there to like)

  • The Moth Gatherer - The Womb, The Woe, The Women
  • Death Grips - On GP
  • Lorn - Shelter
  • Listing to all FJØRT Albums on a longrun
  • Comeback Kid - Die Knowing

Favorite Pre-Race meal: Whatever. Could be Sauerkraut as well as long no animal had to suffer for it.

Favorite Post-Race meal: As long as the kcal on 100gm is over 500 its good post race meal.

Wanna share a recipe? Toast topped with a lot of: Peanutbutter, Strawberry-jam, Banana-slices, Dates.

Running Mantra or favorite quote: "Konzentrier dich!" (Lisa Mehl)