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Tessa Boot (NL)

Tessa Boot (NL)

Running since: 2005

First race ever: 2006, 5km in Brugge, during a holiday

Why did you start running: Because of the stupid reason that I wanted to loose some weight

Your best race ever: Oliebollenloop in Gorredijk. 10 km: 41:43 (2014)

Favorite race event: Not one in particular but I like small races. Nothing big, nothing fancy, just some runners and the clock.

The good (about running): clearing the head

The bad (about running): I really don’t know.

The ugly (about running): my toes

Your favorite Willpower item: running with attitude singlet

Top5 Running Songs:

  • Turnstile - Moon
  • Irate - Vendetta
  • Madball - Pride
  • Rise and fall - Faith / Fate
  • Boysetsfire - Empire

Top5 Ever Songs:

  • Crown of thornz - Mentally vexed
  • Judge - Quiet after the storm 
  • Johnny Cash - Hurt 
  • Death threat - Never again  
  • Down - Stone the crow

Favorite Pre-Race meal: Pasta

Favorite Post-Race meal: Pie

Wanna share a recipe? No

Running Mantra or favorite quote:  "It is simple: just put one foot in front of the other and keep going."