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A New Willpower Athlete

A New Willpower Athlete

"It’s been like a lovestruck couple not having admitted yet, they’re together" someone said. "Long overdue" someone else said. "She wasn’t yet!?" someone asked. Long story short: We finally enfold Marie Keck in the arms of the Willpower Athletes. Welcome, Marie! 

We are overjoyed that another devoted runner and positive human being has joined us. Marie started running just a couple of years ago, but already experienced the full cycle of ambition, throwbacks, even more ambition and finally finding the right balance to enjoy running for its most genuine reasons: the sheer pleasure of movement, being outside and spending time with your friends.  

Marie is a great enrichment for our illustrious collective for a lot of reasons. First, she loves animals more than humans, which is a great attitude to begin with. Second, her cooking and baking skills are outstanding. Just like her smartphone photography competence. And third, she’s a doctor and could possibly save our lives at any time. Provided that she’s not struggling for her own during a race. Marie is also the living proof that you don’t have to be tattooed to be a Willpower Athlete. So we hope we have finally cleared that up! ;-)

After all, it has been a gut decision once again. We are happy to have her.

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