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You can't kill an attitude

You can't kill an attitude
The new year is in full effect now, but we are still taking our time to sort out how we want Willpower to unfold in 2022.
As we pointed out a couple of times already, the agenda will not be to sell more, but better stuff to the right people.
The above might sound pretty obvious to some, but as a small business you're constantly tempted to go bigger, grow faster and reach more people. In fact 3-4 months of bad sales can make you go bust. And there are no investors or capital reserves to save you.
But here's the point: You can't kill an attitude. And that's what Willpower is. Since day one we knew, that it is not about the shirts we sell, but about their meaning. That goes both ways. The meaning we have in mind when creating it and the spirit it sparks inside of you while wearing it. We rather have a couple of hundred people, who feel this wear our stuff, instead of selling to tens of thousands who do not care.
After all, we are here to unite runners with consonant ideas, convictions and values. Mostly contrary to what the mass sports and fashion industry and society in general tries to force feed. That is you. That is us.
So thanks for caring. Thanks for being excited. Thanks for staying positive and true to yourself. Let's go, 2022!

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