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The Purge

The Purge

The Purge has started. From today until Wednesday 23:59h we are offering a storewide discount of 15% with the code 'PURGE22'. 

Even more important: We have enlarged our Sale Collection with new items and further lowered the prices of others. 

The Purge is important because we need space for 2022. We mean that in regard of shelf space but also mind space. Taking care of a big stock and a lot of designs is time consuming and limits our abilities to come up with new dazzling ideas and put them into practice. In 2022 we are going to do a lot of things differently. The year is going to see many more different concepts and designs and a stricter limitation.

As pointed out in another message to you, we do not want to sell "more" but rather "better" and "to the right people". Willpower means a lot to a lot of people. But it cannot mean anything to everyone. Although this might sound cryptic, we know you understand.

But for now: Let’s purge!


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