Hello DHL

Hello DHL

Some of you might have already noticed this, we switched delivery carriers from GLS to DHL. It's been among the Top5 requests and feedbacks we keep getting from you and we finally could make that happen.
No delivery service is perfect. There's always smaller and bigger problems, varying drastically from city to city, sometimes even from street to street. However DHL have proven to be the most reliable and also fastest services out there. So we are happy that we could switch.
Everything else stays the same:
  • Free shipping from 60€ within Germany and 120€ worldwide
  • Same-Day-Shipping (which usually means next day delivery) for all orders placed until 13:00h (1:00 pm)
As for Christmas, we can guarantee a delivery within Germany up until coming Monday December 20th. If you place your order by then, it will definitely arrive before the big (or not so big) party next weekend.
We are working on more changes and improvements in the background and will announce them one by one.
Thanks for sticking with us!

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