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Beyond the Heat

Beyond the Heat

Willpower has always been inspired by our own actual running. As some of you might know our founder Chris Z is going to run the world’s most famous 100-mile trail race, The Western States 100 which takes place this Saturday in California’s Sierra Never Mountains.

One of the biggest challenges of this race is the intense heat the participants have to face during the day. This very special aspect of ultra running inspired us to create a collection called "Beyond the Heat". 

"Beyond the Heat" is the bright little sister of our highly sought after "Beyond" ultra running collection. Both are made for running far. Then further. And then beyond. 

The Heat leads the way. Destination unknown. Yet moving on ever so restless. 

As blood turns to water, the day never turns to night. Blinded by the gleaming light. Feeling the heartbeat pounding in the head. As blood turns to water and then disappears. 

Awoken in a blur. Embraced by ardor. You will find. Yes, you will find. Beyond the Heat. 

Welcome, "Beyond the Heat" Collection!

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