Runners United Part II & Part III

Runners United Part II & Part III

Unfortunately the war in and on Ukraine is still raging on, causing eviction, death and suffering of innocent people on a scale Europe hasn't seen in a long time. From day one we have set up or "Runners United - Against War And Nationalism" campaign for the long run, so we keep on helping the Ukrainian people. 

By the end of March we already sent 4000€ to the two awesome NGOs Helpbus and Mission Lifeline. With STELP e.V. we have now found a new NGO that we want to support. It is always a tough decision to pick one donation recipient, but the humanitarian aid that STELP gives, not only in Ukraine, is outstanding. With greatest dedication they help people in acute need in a fast and unbureaucratic manner. 

In order to revive our Runners United Campaign, we are today launching 2 brand new shirt designs. Once again 25% of the total income of each sold shirt is being donated.

Both designs turned out amazing and shoutouts go to the two designers, Chris and Jean-Paul for their great work. Also to another Chris, Eva, Theresa and Robert for the lovely photos. And also all of you, for keeping on supporting this campaign. Thank you so much!

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