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Poison Free Running Update

Poison Free Running Update

We have updated the Poison Free Running Collection with 2 brand new designs and 6 new products. We're especially proud of the Bamboo Shirts, the new Crewneck Sweater and yet another Prime Hoodie, which all fit the theme of the collection very well.

We hope that the positive messages of the Poison Free Running Collection rather inspire than divide. We are very aware, that everyone defines Eating Well, Running Clean and Staying Clear differently. Even the term Plant Based can be a matter of different interpretations. We rather care about intention and motivation than about dogma and directives. In the end, the only question we all ought to ask ourselves is: What's my poison.

This is really important to us. We know well, that diets, as well as the view on alcohol consumption, are often used as a dividing line between people, who, in other respects, have a lot in common. This is not what we want to fuel within the Willpower Circle.

To be very clear: Not everyone at Willpower is vegan. Not everyone at Willpower is Straight Edge. Not everyone at Willpower listens to loud and noisy music (although we highly recommend this!). And not everyone at Willpower is tattooed, for that matter. This brand was never meant to be an "exclusive club" for a limited number of insiders. We define the term "misfits" broadly and welcome everyone, who challenges the status quo of running and life in general.

These words are not meant to be excuses. Not at all. We are all very proud of the decisions we made and the paths we chose. We fully stand by our convictions. And we know you do the same.


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