Run Wherever - Love Whoever

Run Wherever - Love Whoever

Willpower has always been driven by values. Values that we, indeed, believe in as individuals and as a community of runners. The motivation to create stuff comes from our urge to communicate what we stand for. Running itself is one of these values, too. But we regard this sport inseparably interconnected with social and political issues and quite frankly, the running world is not as shiny and untainted as happy lifestyle brands and instagram creators want you to believe in.

In running there’s discrimination. In running there’s narrow-mindedness and ignorance. And in running there is sexism, homophobia and transphobia. We do not want to accept this without a dissenting voice. 

Our position is absolutely clear. Love is love. And everyone should be entitle to choose their own identity and share intimacy and affection with whoever they want. Just like running, every human deserves to experience love equally. Without shame and without limitations.

This is what we believe in and what we stand for. We are all Lovers on the Run. Equal and proud. 

Run Wherever - Love Whoever.

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