Willpower Anniversary

Willpower Geburtstag

Today we celebrate our 7th anniversary. We mainly want to say thank YOU on this special day with an extraordinary 24h discount campaign: 15% off ALL store items with the code '7YRS'. 

We have also launched a massive End of Summer Sale with dozens of new products added to your Sale Collection. Some prices drop as far as 40%, and of course the '7YRS' discount code also applies to our sale items. 

Last, but not least we are satisfying a long-held wish of ours: coffee. To be more precise, our own espresso roast. We named it "The Fuel" because coffee makes you, without any doubt, run faster. That’s a fact. Together with our friends at Schwarzmahler from Stuttgart we have created this wonderful blend of 100% Arabica beans for your infinite coffee pleasures. You can order the coffee on its own, or as a bundle with a mind-bending "The Fuel" T-Shirt.

Final words? It is you who remind us every day why Willpower exists. An alternative approach towards running as a sport and lifestyle. A community of runners who don’t fit in, but belong to each other. A conscious brand that stands for environmental protection, self-care and compassion for others instead of selfish ego trips, elbow-performance and blind consumerism. After all, it is you, who support Willpower and thus account for those values as much as we do. We are very fortunate to have you on our side.

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