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There's hope in despair

The reboot of our "Filling The Void" Collection is out now. It's more relevant than ever and we seek to bring light to the dark. 

"Filling The Void" uncovers the too often disregarded dark emotions that haunt us time and again, or even permanently.  Depression is not a 'bad mood'. It's not something that anybody can overcome, if they just 'harden up' or 'stop whining'. It's a mental illness and thus should be addressed adequately.

This collection is not only for the ones who are directly affected. It is a equally for their partners, who fight to support them everyday. For friends, who are insecure and sometimes don't know how to deal with a situation. For parents who struggle not to blame themselves for what their child has to go through. And for everyone who acknowledges the fact that we are all not machines but human beings and value patience and empathy.

With "Filling The Void" we are neither whitewashing, nor doomsaying. But we want to show, that there is hope. Running can give hope. Being surrounded by people, who accept you for who you are can give hope. And most of all, knowing that you are not alone can give hope. 

"Filling The Void" is out now.

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